The Advantages You Receive from All-on-4®️ Dental Implants

Your oral health and general health are impacted by tooth loss. Delaying tooth replacement can result in pain, infection, and bone tissue loss.

Your All-on-4®️ treatment relies on the security of dental implants that are anchored into your jaw to secure your new teeth in the upper or lower arch of your mouth. Following treatment you will experience restored chewing ability and renewed appearance.

Your All-on-4®️ Treatment Benefits

Secure teeth

The implants used will secure your teeth and prevent them from slipping, moving, or falling out.

Strong bite

Normal biting and chewing function are restored with All-on-4®️.

Your Smile and Confidence

Your smile and overall facial features are affected by tooth loss. All-on-4®️ enables you to smile with confidence and experience renewed support for your lips and facial area.

Healthy tissue

Your gum and bone tissue can experience progressive damage following tooth loss. Your All-on-4®️ procedure uses dental implants to help maintain the health of your bone and gum tissue.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and to receive more information about your dental implants or all on 4 for replacing your teeth.


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