What is the K4 Implant express™?

It is the most up to date treatment variation of the time tested All on 4 concept. Here, we use advanced case planning, digital and conventional impression methods coupled with our own CAD/CAM milling equipment to create your custom final device the day after surgery all within 24 hours.

What is a True Final restoration™?

It is exactly what it says. An actual final restoration. Timing for each case varies, however most patients are able to receive a “true” or actual final restoration the next day. Why is this important? Simply stated, you should ask other dental offices what and how do they deliver for your teeth. Is it a “temporary or provisional” restoration that must be changed 4-6 months down the road. Our methods and materials allow for a true final restoration at the time of the surgery. You’re done, no more impressions, no more treatment visits. Yet, these materials are so adaptable, that any issue can be easily adjusted for your comfort.

Here, at our dental practice, are the advances we learned, adopted, adapted and now offer to you, for rapid and efficient treatment methods, materials and sequences. These are incorporated to give the best care possible. We desire …”Hugs and Smiles”.

What is the Three Final Restoration™ and is it for me?

The Three Final Restoration™ is our unique method for certain lower jaw cases only. It is a proven advance of the recently offered Trefoil approach. Both methods incorporate three implants in the lower jaw. Our designs are placed in a different configuration that incorporate the biologic and biomechanical advances of the original all on four concept. It is useful as a more affordable option, yet it is fixed- secure, and a non removable restoration. Again, it is not for all cases as your bone quality and quantity will dictate the possibility of this treatment.


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