What Can You Expect During the All-on-4®️ Procedure?

Step 1

A comprehensive oral examination begins your All-on-4®️ procedure. The use of a 3D scan will help determine the health of your bone and gum tissue and if the treatment will effectively replace your missing teeth.

Step 2

Four dental implants will be placed at specific locations in your jawbone to secure your full set of new teeth. You will experience restored tooth function and the ability to smile with confidence following the procedure.

Step 3

A rest and healing period will precede the placement of your new, permanent teeth. This helps assure that your ideal tooth function and your appearance goals are achieved.

How to Achieve the Best Treatment Results with All-on-4®️

Tooth loss is traumatic and impacts your oral health. A new set of permanent (non-removable) teeth that restores your tooth function and appearance is the goal of your All-on-4®️ treatment.

An Overview of Your All-on-4®️ Procedure

Your initial oral examination

The health of your bone and gum tissue and your overall health are observed.

Placement of your dental implants

Your new set of teeth will be permanently secured to the All-on-4®️ implants that are placed in your jawbone. You will be able to chew and smile effectively following the procedure.

Post implant placement

As you rest and heal your new teeth will be crafted. Your permanent teeth will be secured to your implants to complete your procedure.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your initial oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and to receive more information about your dental implants or all on 4 for replacing your teeth.


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