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 We are beyond All-On-4 with our unique ALL ON MORE services. 

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Benefits of ALL ON MORE Procedure

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Custom Design

The implants used will secure your teeth and prevent them from slipping, moving, or falling out.

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One Day Turnaround

After your surgery you will typically receive your True Final Restoration the next day.

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Enhanced life

ALL ON MORE enables you to smile with confidence and experience renewed support for your lips and facial area.

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Meet the Doctor, Innovator, Speaker

“Jack Krauser, DMD has been featured on the cover of Dentistry Today as one of the top dental educators for the last 16 years [since 2001].”

Jack T. Krauser, DMD

Dr. Jack Krauser has focused on implant based tooth replacement therapies since 1988. Not only was he the first practicing Periodontist in Palm Beach County to be trained in Osseointegration - The Swedish method - that all modern case procedures are based upon, he has significantly contributed to the dental implants advances with his innovations in product design and treatment methodologies. His related authorship, research, and patient procedures provides an advanced and innovative approach to dental implant treatment for a long lasting restoration of your tooth function and smile.

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Our Patients Tell Their Stories

"All I can say is WOW! This is life changing and I'm thrilled I went to the right Doctor."

- Stuart L.

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Your secure missing teeth replacement with ALL ON MORE dental implants is minimally invasive. The treatment is faster and more cost effective than standard implant treatment.

Click the video content to see the All-On-4® and ALL ON MORE animations to better understand how these amazing procedures provide beautiful smiles in just one day.

We Respect And Honor Those Who Served Our Country

Our thanks can never be enough and so we offer our veterans a discount of $1000.00 which includes our free consultation.

We can also assist you with obtaining financing.

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How The ALL ON MORE™ Procedure Works

Your ALL ON MORE™ treatment requires a series of steps. Your missing teeth will be fully replaced following the procedure.

The treatment is faster and more cost effective than standard implant treatment and minimally invasive.

Initial Oral Examination

A comprehensive oral examination begins your ALL ON MORE™️ procedure. The use of a 3D scan will help determine the health of your bone and gum tissue and if the treatment will effectively replace your missing teeth.

Sedation and Implant Placement

From 3 to 6 dental implants will be placed at specific locations in your jawbone to secure your full set of new teeth. Your new teeth (a dental bridge) are custom-designed while you rest following the placement of your implants. You will experience restored tooth function and the ability to smile with confidence following the procedure.

Post Surgical Care and Placement of your Teeth

Your new, permanent teeth are secured on top of the implants and adjustments are made for comfort, fit, and proper bite alignment. A rest and healing period will precede the placement which helps assure that your ideal tooth function and your appearance goals are achieved.