You will receive a Complimentary Cone Bean CT Scan
“Typical Fee” $475 for Free

Initially you will be greeted by our front office team and we will review your medical history and other pertinent information. We will interview you and learn more about your concerns, issues and dental complaints. An appropriate series of x-rays will be taken to identify your specific issues and to be able to analyze the problem and to create a customized plan to bring you back to comfort, function, heath and aesthetics. If you want to move forward with the plan or options presented to you at that time, we will prepare an “all inconclusive fee” for you. If finances need to be reviewed, we will gladly go over options for you. If you are interested in the various potential plans- including, am I a candidate?, you will consult with Dr. Krauser to review, confirm and have any other treatment possibilities as well as a timing plan that is biologically sound that also works around incorporating your personal scheduling concerns.

*All of the above is our offer to you, on a complimentary no-fee basis.

Please call us at 561-609-6517, to speak with our staff. Leave a message if we are initially unable to answer. If you prefer, you can request a scheduled appointment using the form below.

Please include your basic contact information, preferred appointment time and a short note about your smile.

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